Scene Style.
How do you do scene make up if you Glasses everyday? How do take the clothing you have already to make it more SCENE STYLE?

There was a scene queen who was very popular at the height of scene who wore glasses. I’ve forgotten her name, Nicole or something? She had dark hair.

I think the key with it, is don’t overdo it. I know scene is all about being over the top, but when it comes to make-up and glasses it rarely looks good to go over-the-top make-up. Black eyeliner, with a flick, will work wonders. And add some glitter or shimmer if you want something a bit fancier. Also, use your glasses to your advantage, work them into your style :)

As for clothing, scene can be as much about the accessories as it is the clothing, also customization. Plain skinny jeans? Make them fit with a scene look by scrawling lyrics, or band logos on them, add some badges or patches. Leggings/tights were almost always torn up (another thing popular with scene girls is/was to get two different colored pairs of leggings and rip them up and wear them so that you had a double layer of color with colors peeking through the holes of the top pair). Big bows are a staple item, and adding them to clothing can makes it look very cute. Also, scene is big on layering and wearing several tank tops, skirts, etc, at once. Look to old photos of HannaBeth in particular :)

Do you know if Dallas Diamonds has a facebook? :o Also, do you mind if I submit a picture? It's like 2 years old, before I stopped being scene.

Sorry, I don’t know.

Yes, of course you can. There’s a submit link on the page :)

I have a typical scene haircut---layers, bangs, constantly flat ironed, everything. I change it up a lot depending on how I style my fringe, but it always looks a little off because my hair is naturally a (bright-ish) blood red. I want to add dye, but my school's dress code is really weird so it can't be all over, I have to have some of my hair in it's natural color. Any ideas of ombre/streaks/ANYTHING that I could do? (No extensions though, another stupid rule.) Awesome blog, btw.

Thank-you :)

I’d say, with bright red hair, a common trend for scene girls was to put a yellow-blonde or ginger at the tips, and under the fringe, then a little ‘tuft’ in the side :)